Three Critical Steps To Optimize Your Mobile Site For SEO

Anyone with a smartphone knows that web search is one of the most important features, but still mobile SEO is still underdeveloped compared to desktop.

Mobile SEO has many benefits, such as:

  • Engaging up to 10% or more of the people using their mobiles for online searching
  • Increasing your click-through-rate and visitors’ time spent on your site

Here are three essential things to consider when optimizing your site for mobile SEO.

1. Find Out How Your Mobile Visitors Behave On Your Site.

Before building a mobile site find out if your site really has mobile visitors and whether there is enough traffic to make it worth your while.

Use Google Analytics to create a segment for organic mobile traffic and then look at…

  • the number of visits
  • devices used
  • the most common landing pages
  • the most popular keywords

Google Analytics also tells you how users found your site. Under “Audience Mobile Devices” you can find:

  • the operating system
  • screen resolutions
  • type of handhelds
  • provider of people who visited your site

Next, select the “Advanced Segment” to filter mobile traffic and see which of your pages got the most traffic and the most popular keywords. Also, identify the most popular content among your mobile users and optimize it when building the mobile site.

2. Choose the Best Mobile Web Development.

First, check your site’s layout on mobile devices. Test how mobile users see your site on their mobile devices:

  • Google’s Getmometer
  • PageSpeed Insights – makes your site faster
  • Screenfly – test your site on mobile devices at different resolutions

After seeing how your site looks on mobile devices, you can choose one of the 3 types of mobile web:

  • Responsive

This option is preferred by both Google & Bing and it’s also the best choice if you have the same content for both desktop and mobile users.

  •  Dynamic serving

As with Responsive mobile design, the same URL is provided to both mobile and desktop users. Basically, your content will be at a parallel site, but will appear through the same URL.

  • The parallel site

Usually it appears as “” and from a SEO perspective this option is less effective because it generates separate URLs, which will duplicate content from the desktop pages.

Google also offers advice on how to build mobile websites here.

3. Target Immediate Needs.

Mobile users need totally different things than desktop users and often they use the internet whilst on the go and are looking for something very specific.

Keep in mind that suggestions provided by the auto-complete function are short, so you need to optimize your pages for shorter keywords.

At the end of the day, remember that the internet is continually changing and you need to adapt your SEO strategies in order to successfully cover your mobile audience.

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